SJD are fully accredited

When working with an electrical contractor, it is important that each member of staff is highly skilled and qualified. SJD have been an NICEIC Approved electrical contractor since 1988.

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What our customers think

"Formal friendly service, flexible to our requirement. The team are able to cover the UK for installs/kit services. Working with fully trained staff made installing and configuring our kit an ease."
R. Heron - Isotrak

"We have always had a first-rate service from everyone at SJD who go out of their way for us - very flexible and easy to deal with. We have referred them to our own clients many times and have never been disappointed"
S.McClurg - Safeline Systems

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Choosing an electrical contractor can be difficult, there are a lot of companies to choose from. So why should SJD be your first choice of electrical contractor?

Technical Competence
When it comes to electrical work, it is essential you choose a contractor with the relevant technical knowledge and qualifications as if work is designed or implemented incorrectly; the consequences could be highly destructive and even fatal.

Both the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) and the Electrical Contractor's Association (ECA) maintain lists of approved members, with demanding registration conditions and ongoing annual inspections.

SJD has been on the NICEIC's Roll of Approved Contractors continuously since 1998. The ECA is the UK's leading trade association representing electrical contractors and SJD joined in 2007 to benefit from the benefits conferred by membership, including performance bonds, warranties and insurance guarantees for the protection of our clients.

Our electricians are all employed directly and certified or working towards City & Guilds and NVQ qualifications and undergo continuous assessment in the workplace by our Qualified Supervisor to maintain the highest standards of workmanship and develop knowledge in all types of installation – electrical, fire, security and data.

SJD thrives on a challenge, and there is always something new to learn with electrical installations. The latest and seventeenth edition of the wiring regulations, BS7671: 2008 came into effect from July 1st 2008, with significant changes concerning RCD protection. This was updated in July 2011 with Ammendment 1 and has special relevance to domestic electrical installations. SJD comply fully with Part P regulations and are members of the government-backed Trustmark Scheme.

You may have servicing requirements for an aged or unusual electrical or security system or a variety of complicated requirements, trust SJD to be able to help. It is always far safer and less costly to prevent an electrical problem, than to repair one.

Knowledge + Experience = Common Sense & Commercial Reality
Being technically qualified to do the work is one thing, having the knowledge to confidently apply the right solution in a complex situation comes from years of experience… which is something our management team certainly has, approaching 100 years combined experience in the electrical, fire and security industries!

The owner and founder Stephen Devine is an incorporated Electrical Engineer with the Institute of Engineering and Technology and has been running SJD Associates since 1992.

You benefit from the best of both worlds, old and new, as SJD's apprentices and recently-qualified electricians benefit from the professional approach to planning and management, and have a wealth of experience from the senior management team to draw upon when implementing jobs and problem-solving.

There is incredible variety in electrical systems. The diverse team at SJD means there is a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across the electrical, fire, security and data industries.

SJD strives to find commercially practicable solutions for our clients; this may mean repair instead of replacement or vice versa, innovation and intuitive solutions, or simply sourcing obsolete or custom parts to save the expense of a new installation.

Health and Safety
You may have special requirements for health and safety depending on your industry sector or type of property. SJD works regularly in public buildings including schools and health centres, and has clients in hazardous industries such as construction and chemical manufacture. Your safety and the safety of our employees, the public, property and the environment is an integral part of the way SJD do business.

Site specific, sufficiently detailed risk assessments and method statements are available for projects as required.

SJD contract Rialto Health & Safety Ltd as our Chartered Competent Health & Safety Advisor

Professionalism, Responsiveness and Reliability
The vast majority of electrical contractors, over 80% employ less than 3 people (source ECA). A good contractor will be in demand and it is difficult to satisfy multiple clients at the same time with a business of this size. Inevitably this will lead to delays or rushes and administration may suffer. Relying on subcontractors poses risks to consistency of service and reliability.

It is resolving these complex problems that have caused SJD to grow into the business it is today. SJD has operated from its offices and workshop in Mount Farm, Milton Keynes for three years and directly employs 10 electricians plus support staff.

SJD is committed to continuing to grow and improve in a sustainable way, continuing to listen and serve our clients and develop stronger long-lasting relationships. SJD has developed a customer charter to reflect the high levels of service offered to clients.

You may expect the highest professional standards, SJD can deliver when:

• Working on behalf of other contractors, upholding their brand values/image
• Working in high profile sites
• Working where discretion is required, for example security installations
• Working in social housing settings
• Working in schools and health centres
• Working on nationwide projects for a single client
• Working to a tight deadline

SJD works hard to understand and respond to our clients' individual needs and is flexible enough to adapt to our clients and manage relationships with other professionals as required – our network and management experience includes reliable contractors specialising in street lighting, lightning protection, fibre optics, control panels, air handling systems, HVAC systems and remote security monitoring services.

Financial Stability
Of particular relevance in today's markets, if a contractor is unable to complete a job as planned this can cause you to suffer major inconvenience and added cost. Unfortunately this is something SJD is witnessing with alarming regularity.

The work undertaken by SJD can be performance bonded on request through our ECA membership, and from 1st January 2009 all clients will automatically benefit from the ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme to the contract value of £50,000 per job in a calendar year or £100,000 for multiple jobs. This means that if for any reason an ECA member is unable to complete a job or if there is a complaint the ECA will appoint another member to complete the work.

You should ask for a written quotation from your contractor to ensure you understand the scope of work quoted for. Be careful when comparing quotes, ensure you are considering like-for-like and the specification matches your needs. If you are unsure or require more information then ask. A fixed price quotation is legally binding.

SJD provides a written quotation as standard following an initial free no-obligation site survey to ensure the scope of the works and all associated factors are fully understood.

Administrative support
Not necessarily sexy, but very necessary. Certification, invoices, statements, risk assessments, pre qualification questionnaires, insurance documents, tenders, contracts… efficient administration saves time and money and makes things simpler and straightforward.

SJD operates integrated professional accounting software, estimating software, a client / job management system and certification package. Not bad for a small business! This is essential for speed of information processing to maintain responsiveness and to support the continued growth of the business.

Notice cost, not price. And price might often be considered first, but certainly the overall cost is a result of the contractor's approach to all the other factors. What is the cost if the installation fails or is not completed on time?

In this industry, prices can be misleading. The biggest source of frustration for SJD is that the specifications contained in tender requests are frequently incomplete, inaccurate and usually significantly over-specified. This means the tender or quotations value submitted by most contractors will be significantly less than the total price ultimately paid by the client through variation orders and additional works necessary for completion but not considered at the time of tender. This is fairly typical practice in the construction industry, generally to the detriment of the client.

SJD's preferred approach is to consider the true and future needs of the client, the regulations, time and budget to work out the best solution at lowest overall cost. Our commercial and industrial clients benefit by specifying SJD as the preferred contractor for electrical services, working directly together with us to define the best solution. The landlords, managing agents and principal contractors trust SJD to interpret the gaps or ambiguity in a specification in relation to the clients need so a complete solution is proposed at total cost, with no surprises later on. Surely you would prefer to know exactly how much you will be paying for the whole project to ensure your budget / specification works for you? Involving SJD at the earliest stages to design for your needs will ensure you get the right solution at the right price.

Of course, if you change your mind or something comes up SJD document variations with client agreement to ensure changes are billed fairly and accurately.

You should also consider the costs of not completing on time, SJD are happy to commit to delivery dates and have the ability to be flexible with resources if a project develops a sticking point. As is often to case with commercial property maintenance, servicing or refurbishment, you may require an electrician to attend and commence works immediately. In these situations SJD will proceed on our agreed labour rates, our prices for materials are marked-up on our discounted rates of up to 90% on trade prices.

SJD's prices are extremely competitive with our local competitors, with added value and a commitment to good service.

For more information about how we do things, call us on 01908 224770, email or fill out our enquiry form.