Electrical Installation

electrical installation, commercial electrical installations

SJD incorporate modern energy-saving techniques and ensure equipment is designed to an economic life span. Our designs are carried out with emphasis on reliability and with consideration for future maintenance requirements.

Electrical Inspection

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As an experienced ECA and NICEIC approved contractor, SJD provides customers with the high levels of inspection and reporting demanded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Electrical Maintenance

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SJD focuses on minimising both unexpected power outages and potential electrical fire hazards in clients' facilities. Electrical preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective protection against outages and power quality problems.

Data Cabling

electrical installation, commercial electrical installations

Modern business demands high-speed internet access and efficient computer networks systems. Not only must your cabling embrace today's technology, it must also be planned for growth to meet your future needs.

Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting

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Security and Fire alarms are an integral part of protecting your business premises from intruders and fire. All our our alarm systems are compliant with insurance company specs, as are our installation engineers.

SJD works to the highest professional and technical standards and has been a NICEIC Approved Contractor since 1998.

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The NICEIC assesses the technical competence of electricians through rigorous annual inspections of workmanship, supervision and business organisation. NICEIC contractors provide a technical guarantee or their workmanship for six years.

NICEIC registered domestic installer, Household electrician, part p, milton keynes electrician

Contractors undertaking domestic electrical installations registered to NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes are authorised to self-certify their work in accordance with Part P without hindrance from Local Authority Building Control. The NICEIC provides an insurance-backed warranty for domestic installations.

SJD are registered with the NICEIC's scheme for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Electrical Contractor Association, Electrical contractors milton keynes, electrical installations bucks

Founded in 1901, the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) is the UK's leading trade association representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services. The ECA is committed to building an efficient and sustainable industry, based on high standards of training and practice.

Registered Members' work is automatically covered by the ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme, which covers completed contracts in any calendar year up to a value of £50,000 (including VAT) and £100,000 (including VAT) for multiple contracts for the same customer.

Registered Members are also covered by the ECA Bond. If a member's work is terminated for a specified reason, the additional cost of completion will be met by the insurer to a maximum limit of £100,000 or 10 per cent of the contract value shown on the Bond certificate.

All Registered Members agree to abide by the ECA Code of Fair Trading, which covers a range of aspects including members' working practices, standards of workmanship and materials, tendering and payment procedures and the settlement of disputes.


TrustMark is a scheme supported by Government, the building industry and consumer groups to help householders find reliable and competent contractors to carry out improvements and repairs to their home.


Exor accreditation standards are recognised as the highest in the country and only suppliers and contractors that can attain and maintain the required high standard can gain admission to the Exor approved supplier database, based on the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. SJD Associates Ltd have been awarded with Gold Level Accreditation.

Exor Gold is a SSIP recognised accreditation to ensure contractors meet rigorous standards of financial control, safety and environmental performance and risk management. Confidence and assurance for customers that contractor is reputable. Required by many public sector organisations for pre-qualification.

For more information about electrical or data cabling services, call us on 01908 224770, email enquiries@sjd-electrical.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form.