Commercial installations

SJD regularly work on installations in commercial premises: offices, shops, or other retail premises and showrooms in the Milton Keynes, Bucks and Beds areas.

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Industrial installations

As specialist electrical contractors, SJD work extensively on installations in industrial premises: factories, warehouses, chemical plants, and even sewage works.

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Public Sector installations

SJD has an enviable reputation for providing electrical installation and maintenance services in the Public Sector. Design, build, refurbishment or upgrade, you can rely on SJD.

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Residential installations

In less time than you think, home electrics can become damaged or worn by general wear and tear. Get them inspected and tested to check they're still safe to use.

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SJD does not simply have customers: it works towards achieving strong, long-term client relationships.

More than 80% of our work is repeat business, and we have a group of core clients we have been successfully working with since the very beginning in 1992. This Company Charter sets out the standards to which SJD aspires when dealing with you, the general public, suppliers, and employees.

As a family-owned and managed company, SJD's objective is to provide the highest possible standard of service. Click the links below to read the different areas of our charter. For a printable pdf version, download it here.

SJD's mission is to operate an ethical business, building strong relationships with clients by providing the highest possible standards of integrity, customer service, craftsmanship, and value for money.

SJD values both its clients and employees, and will treat both with respect and dignity. It is SJD's objective to work with its clients to help them achieve their aspirations and manage their budget effectively, by providing advice, experience and knowledge, and quality of service. SJD is committed to its own development as a contractor and as an employer. It will strive to build on its existing skills to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and staff alike.
Honest customer service is a key part of the SJD philosophy. Whether your first contact is by telephone, email, or in person, every enquiry or approach to SJD will be received with politeness and interest. From your initial enquiry, SJD will make an initial response as soon as possible and within 1 working day.
Before undertaking any installation, SJD will appoint a Project Manager who will be responsible for your site survey. Your Project Manager will discuss your requirements and advise you how your installation can be implemented. SJD will aim to complete your site survey within 3 days or at your earliest convenience.
Following a site survey if necessary, SJD will prepare a detailed written proposal for the required work. Your proposal will include a full description of the works, including the quantities and specifications of materials. Any special conditions or exclusions will be clearly identified.

Your quotation or tender document will be sent by post, or if you prefer, by fax or email.
Once you have accepted and approved the proposal, SJD will confirm the start date of your installation. SJD will always endeavour to meet your proposed start date, and we remain flexible when things change. In the unlikely event of any changes to the start date, we will advise you of a revised date and the reasons for the change.

SJD will keep you informed of the progress of your installation and can liaise directly with property owners, managers, contract administrators, and other trades / services as required.
SJD recognises the importance of providing high standards of service to its domestic clients, most of our domestic work is won through direct referral. All the SJD team are highly skilled and qualified to undertake electrical works in accordance with Part P. We also recognise the importance of common-sense advice, we won't recommend unnecessary work, we will let you know when power will need to be switched off and for how long, and we will be as tidy as we can throughout the work and afterwards.
All work carried out by SJD Associates is fully guaranteed for a period of 6 years. As a professional, competent and accountable business, SJD is a member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and an NICEIC Approved Contractor.
To ensure your safety and that of your premises, all SJD staff will comply with health and safety legislation and site-specific requirements at all times. SJD provide ongoing health and safety training for all staff and engage the services of a specialist health and safety consultant. SJD has a full health and safety policy, procedures and task-based risk assessments. Site-specific method statements and risk assessments are prepared as required.
SJD Associates Ltd takes complaints very seriously. The company works hard to protect and preserve its reputation, and any complaints will be fully investigated.

Client Feedback
SJD welcomes your feedback. It is only with your help that we can continue to improve its service to you, the client. You can contact SJD by email, telephone, mail, fax, or in person at our office.

Recording your Complaint
However your complaint is made; SJD will record the information according to its complaints handling procedure. In the event of a complaint about damage or poor workmanship, you may be asked to provide photographic evidence, if possible or we may wish to return to inspect the works. All the information regarding your complaint will be recorded and will be used to implement corrective actions to prevent future issues.

Investigation and Resolutions
One of the SJD management team will be responsible for investigating your complaint. He / she will gather the information and interview the relevant employees. Any previous complaints of a similar nature will be researched. All the findings will be recorded

Complaints Resolution
Once a thorough investigation has been carried out, we communicate the outcome to you and advise you of the proposed actions will be taken to address your complaint.

Analysis of Complaints
SJD monitors any complaints to ensure it learns from the experience. Where necessary, corrective actions will be implemented to prevent future problems.
SJD understands and appreciates its employees are one of the company's great assets. It is only with their ongoing support and dedication, that SJD can provide the standards of service which is its hallmark.

As part of this commitment, SJD commits to always treat its employees with courtesy and dignity. SJD operates an equal opportunities policy and is opposed to any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

SJD will provide skills training to its entire staff, ensuring their knowledge base is constantly updated and to the required industry standards. SJD is committed, not only to skills training, but to the personal development of all its employees in ways which will acknowledge their performance and individual abilities. To demonstrate this commitment, SJD has signed the Learning Council's Skills Pledge.

SJD provides full Advanced Apprenticeship Training to all electricians. SJD is listed on the Apprenticeships Roll of Honour
The Environmental Policy of SJD is to ensure its operations will be carried out with a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment.

Concern and awareness for the environment is the responsibility of all employees. Implementation of the Environmental Policy is the responsibility of the Directors of SJD.

All contractors working on behalf of the Company are required to adopt environmental standards fully consistent with those of the Company. A full copy of SJD's Environmental Policy Statement is available to download.

For more information about electrical or data cabling services, call us on 01908 224770, email or fill out our enquiry form.