Electrical Installation

electrical installation, commercial electrical installations

SJD incorporate modern energy-saving techniques and ensure equipment is designed to an economic life span. Our designs are carried out with emphasis on reliability and with consideration for future maintenance requirements.

Electrical Inspection

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As an experienced ECA and NICEIC approved contractor, SJD provides customers with the high levels of inspection and reporting demanded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Data Cabling

solar panel installation, pv installer, photo volatic cell installation

Modern business demands high-speed internet access and efficient computer networks systems. Not only must your cabling embrace today's technology, it must also be planned for growth to meet your future needs.

Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting

electrical installation, commercial electrical installations

Security and Fire alarms are an integral part of protecting your business premises from intruders and fire. All our our alarm systems are compliant with insurance company specs, as are our installation engineers.

Energy Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lighting

Reduce lighting energy costs by up to 80%, reduce overheads and carbon footprint, and increase your profits. Installation will be fully project managed and conform to our stringent Health and Safety guidelines.

SJD enhances its customers' productivity and profitability by reducing business and facility downtime as well as the cost of owning and operating facilities.

SJD provides a full maintenance service, including regular inspection and testing services.

• Periodic walk-through and visual inspection
• Lamp replacement
• Servicing and minor repairs / installation
• Fire alarm testing
• Emergency lighting testing
• Electrical inspection and testing (link to site)

Preventative Electrical Maintenance
SJD focuses on minimising both unexpected power outages and potential electrical fire hazards in clients' facilities.Electrical preventative maintenance is the best and most cost-effective protection against sudden power outages and power quality problems. SJD enhances its customers' productivity and profitability by reducing business and facility downtime as well as the cost of owning and operating facilities.

• Reducing Business Interruption Costs
• Extending Equipment Life
• Minimising Electrical Utility Costs
• Reducing the Cost of Repairs
• Minimising Power Quality Risks
• Minimising Safety Risks

Maintenance Support
As SJD have experienced with several industrial clients, you may decide it is more economical to engage a preferred electrical contractor instead of incurring the cost of employing electrical maintenance support in your factory or warehouse. In this situation, you need to be reassured that when you need unexpected support, it will be available.

In accordance with your needs, SJD can draft a service level agreement or maintenance plan comprising a schedule of routine tasks and tests, at a timescale to suit you.

Payment can be scheduled following each visit, or on a monthly plan, whichever is most convenient. There is no retainer for the agreement.

For large scale premises, it may be of benefit to arrange fixed installation and testing over a period of 4 years, testing 25% each year, following a full periodic inspection in year 1.

Contact us to discuss your electrical maintenance plan, call us on 01908 224770, email enquiries@sjd-electrical.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form.